Weather data collected:


Current temperature

Maximum temperature for each 24-hour day

Minimum temperature for each 24-hour day

Relative humidity


Barometer pressure, and Trend

Wind speed at time of day, High wind Gusts, High Wind speeds for 2, 5, and 10 minutes

Wind direction



Barometric pressure and pressure trend - when the barometric pressure is falling for a prolonged time (> 24 hours) expect a change in weather; when rising for a prolonged period expect fair weather.  Average sea level pressure (which all weather stations are calibrated to) is 29.92 inches.  When above this the weather is generally fair, when below this reading the weather can be unsettled.


Dew point - This is the temperature at which the relative humidity would be 100%, given the current temperature.


Wind chill - Wind Chill Temperature is only defined for temperatures at or below 50 degrees F and wind speeds above 3 mph.  Bright sunshine may increase the wind chill temperature by 10 to 18 degrees F.


HI - Heat index - this is a measure of the "apparent" temperature.  It is a combination of the air temperature and relative humidity and what the temperature feels like on our skin.  Generally, the higher the relative humidity, the higher the "apparent" temperature.

THW index - Similar to the heat index, the THW is another "apparent" temperature combining temperature, relative humidity, wind and solar radiation.